Posting and revising products on Shopify

Modified on Thu, 08 Feb 2024 at 02:41 PM

Valigara's Shopify module allows bulk post and update of products on the Shopify-based websites, in a single operation. During the process, new products are uploaded to the Shopify website, while existing ones are updated with the recent data, or removed. 

Assign products to store

For the products to upload to the Shopify website, they have to be first assigned to the website. In case there are multiple websites connected, products can be assigned to each website individually. 

  1. In the Products page, select relevant products
  2. In the Actions menu, go to Shopify->Assign/Unassign
  3. In the popup select operation and account(s), and click Yes

Run Shopify integration

1. Go to Products and select products to post to Shopify

2. Click Shopify -> "Run Integration"

3. "Run Shopify Integration" pop-up

  • Shopify account - select the account to run the integration
  • Selected Products (default) or ALL Products - choose whether to run the integration only for the selected products or for all products in the system
  • Re-send (overwrite) existing products - if checked, Valigara submits all data to Shopify (f.i. product attributes, images, variations) 
  • Fields to update 
    • All fields (default) - all product fields are sent to Shopify
    • Selected fields- opens a drop-down with Shopify fields. Select specific fields (like Title, Images, Description) to update in existing listings.

Revise Selected fields

When revising existing products on Shopify, the integration allows to specify whether to submit all product data to Shopify, or only specific fields. 

  • Re-send (overwrite) existing products - sends all product data to Shopify
  • Selected fields - allows pushing only the specific product fields to Shopify, while keeping other fields untouched


You added new images to your products, and you want to update only the images in the relevant Shopify products. 

In this case: 

  • in Selected fields, leave only Images 
  • click Yes to run integration
  • the batch is generated, submitting only images to Shopify

  • When integration runs, Valigara uses "Delete Non-Valigara Products" setting to identify what action to use for listings on Shopify created not through Valigara.
  • Submitting only changed data for existing products on Shopify can speed up the update process.
  • The speed of the operation depends on your Shopify subscription level. Basic subscription imposes some limitations, and the operation can take a long time to complete. 

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