How to use Shopify Tags and Title Generators for Shopify development

Modified on Tue, 10 Sep, 2019 at 12:26 PM

The basic subscription in Shopify does not allow adding multiple fields in the products. 

Still, structured information about the products is needed to put products in different categories, menus, or to create product filters in category pages. Shopify product field Tags can be used to add such information. 

Some examples, where Shopify Tags can be useful: 

Sidebar menus:

In website menus

How to implement Shopify Tags using Title Generators, to use in Shopify development?

On the Shopify side

  1. All products should have tags, in form Identifier_value. 
    • Identifier : this part of tag sends the type of information
    • value: this part of tag explains, what type of information is the value
    • Examples
      • Identifiers: Goldcolor , ChainWidth , Gender , ProductType, MainGemstone
      • Values: 
        • for Goldcolor : whitegold, yellowgold, 
        • for ChainWidth : 0.5mm , 0.7mm , 0.8mm etc
      • Complete tags: 
        • for Goldcolor: goldcolor_whitegold, goldcolor_yellowgold, goldcolor_rosegold 
        • for ChainWidth: ChainWidth_0.5mm, ChainWidth_0.7mm, ChainWidth_0.8mm.
  2. Based on the information in the tags, Shopify developer programs the website in the way that products to be assigned to the relevant group
    • Example: website top menu can be programmed to assign products to the relevant categories according to ProductType
      • website has 3 categories in the top menu: Earrings, Rings, Necklaces
      • products have tags: ProductType_Earrings, ProductType_Ring, ProductType_Necklace
      • website developer creates the top menu to filters products according to value after the identifier "ProductType" 

On the Valigara side 

Multiple product tags can be generated using Title Generators

1. Create new Title Generator 

  • separate fields in the generator (Product fields or Free fields) which belong to different tags with symbols
  • leave no spaces between the Identifier and the Value 

2. Apply the Title Generator to the desired Tag field, f.i.  Etsy Tags. Use Products -> Create Titles:

3. The result will be converted by Valigara into Tags, separated by the ; sign

4. To update products on Shopify with the generated tags

  • In Shopify account settings -> Mappings, map the Valigara field "Shopify tags" to be pushed into Shopify field "Tags"
  • Run the Shopify integration

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