Partial product fields update on WooCommerce

Modified on Mon, 30 Mar 2020 at 12:28 PM

Valigara allows updating specific product fields on the existing WooCommerce products. That allows pushing only the specific product fields to WooCommerce, while keeping some other fields untouched. 

To run partial update:

  • In the Catalog, select the items to update
  • Click WooCommerce -> Run integration
  • A "Run Integration" pop-up appears
  • WooCommerce account - select the account to run the integration
  • Selected Products or ALL Products - choose whether the integration to run only for the products selected manually, or for all products
  • Re-send (overwrite) existing products - if checked, Valigara submits all data to WooCommerce (f.i. product attributes,images,variations)
  • All fields - ensures all of the product data will be sent to WooCommerce
  • Selected fields - three additional options are displayed:
  • Standard fields - opens a list of the standard fields. Check fields like Title, Description, Categories, Price, Stock,, Weight etc. to update
  • Custom Attributes - revises all non-standard (Custom) Attributes, according to the mappings in Channels -> WooCommerce Settings
  • Media - if checked, product images will be revised


You added new images to your products, and you want to update only the images in the relevant WooCommerce products. 

In this case: 

  • from Selected fields leave only Media checked
  • click Yes
  • the batch is generated, submitting only images to WooCommerce website

  • Submitting only required information to WooCommerce can make the update process much faster
  • Uploading images to WooCommerce might take significant time, depending on your server speed. While submitting products to WooCommerce, Valigara submits all the written data first, and later updates the images. This allows you to start working with the products in the Woo backoffice, before all images appear in the products.  

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