Jewelry Distribution & Dropshipping module basics

Modified on Sun, 5 Jun, 2022 at 3:51 PM

The Distribution module connects multiple Valigara into the networks of vendors and suppliers, sharing the same inventory for distribution and order handling. The module creates a relation between the product in the vendor and distributor accounts, which allows the processing of the order by the vendor, once the order happens in the distributors sales channels. 


  • Vendor/Supplier/Master account - distributes the products to other accounts, and fulfills the orders the moment they occure
  • Distributor/Dropshipper/Reseller/Slave account receives the and re-sells the products (using his own sales channels). 
  • Linked Product - Vendor's product, fetched into the Distributor's Valigara account using the Distribution module link

Accounts connection 

in the Vendor account

  • Vendor creates product feeds using the Feeds module, with all the information he wants to share with the Distributor
  • Vendor can create multiple feeds, according to each Distributor's needs 

in the Distributor account

  • the products (and inventory updates) are fetched into the account from the Vendor feed, using the Products Import/Update Schedule
  • Distributor can create fetch feeds from multiple Vendors

The moment the product from the Vendor's account is imported into the Distributor account, Valigara identifies it as a Linked Product, and starts executing the Distribution module logic for such a product.

Order Processing

On the new Order in the Distributor account

  • Valigara checks if it includes the Linked Product from the Vendor account
  • If yes, the order appears both to the Dropshipper and Supplier accounts
  • Distributor sees the regular order channel (Shopify, Amazon, Etsy, eBay etc...)
  • Vendor sees the order channel as "Dropshipping", with the Dropshipper's Valigara ID
    • Order is created in status that Vendor defines in the Dropshipping module settings,
    • if no status selected - orders is not created.

Adding the tracking information for the Dropshipping order in the Vendor account

  • Vendor fills the tracking information
    • carrier(required)
    • tracking number (required)
    • send date (required)
    • extended field 1 (not required)
  • Distributor's account is updated with the tracking information
  • Setting tracking numbers in bulk, work in same way for such orders

  • The Dropshipping module must be enabled in supplier & dropshipper accounts

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