Using Hashtags to add product information into text

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Valigara allows dynamically create content, based on product information. 

Content is set by using special hashtags, which use the all products fields content.

All product , model and gemstone fields are available for use via hashtags. 

Hashtags can be used in Description templates, eBay / Etsy / Amazon and other content generating templates

Hashtags can be used both in plain text fields, and in HTML containing fields

Hashtags names use the product fields Alias (Slug). These are set in Catalog -> Additional fields page. 

Using Hashtags

Let's say we want to automatically generate the content for 2 rings as following.

Product 1 - made of White Gold

Product 2 - made of combination of Yellow Gold and White Gold. 

To insert the dynamic field into Description (or any other) template, 

  • put the cursor in the position where the dynamic information should appear in the text
  • in the list of parameters, click the desired parameter name 
  • set Insert and Caps options
  • click Insert


defines the way the hashtag is inserted

Value - inserts the value of the field in the text. 

Value and NO condition - inserts the value of the field, and hides the selected content if value is empty. 


    Sets the caps lock position for resulting content. 

How the value is inserted in the content?
No Change
exactly as in the field
Use: when exact value is require
Example: White Gold
All capital letters
Use: to stress the value
First word
Only first word with capital letter
Use; In the beginning of the sentence
Example: White gold
Each Word
Each word with capital letter
Use: for better readability, in titles etc
Example: White Gold
no caps
all small letters
Use: in the middle of the sentence
Example: white gold

Example 1: 


This is a beautiful ring, made of ##METAL_1_NAME##

Result - Product 1: 

This is a beautiful ring, made of White Gold

Result - Product 2: 

Product 2: This is a beautiful ring, made of Yellow Gold


Example 2: 


This is a beautiful ring, made of ##METAL_1_NAME##.
^NO_##METAL_2_NAME##It is combined with small ##METAL_2_NAME##|case=nc|inlays.$NO_##METAL_2_NAME##

Result - Product 1: 

This is a beautiful ring, made of White Gold.
* Product 1 has no Metal 2, therefore no Metal 2 Name value The whole text in the condition ^NO_##METAL_2_NAME##...............$NO_##METAL_2_NAME## is removed, including the parameter and the plain text. 

Result - Product 2: 

This is a beautiful ring, made of Yellow Gold.
It is combined with small white gold inlays.

* |case=nc| assures that the value is inserted with no caps , small letters only 


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