Using Title Generators (Templates)

Modified on Tue, 09 Jun 2020 at 09:18 PM

Valigara allows dynamically creating content (such as titles, tags, bullets etc), based on the technical information of your jewelry.

If you need to create titles or tags for your jewelry, based on a combination of free text, random phrases and words, and technical parameters of the item (f.i. Metal Purity, Ring Size, Gemstone Color etc.) - Generators will do the job.

Use Title Generators to easily create content for similar items (f.i. different weight / metal / gemstone variation of one Solitaire Ring)

Creating Template for Title Generator:

  • Go to Catalog on the top menu
  • Under Generators section open Titles Templates page
  • click "Add Template"
    • to create a new template based on existing one, use "Duplicate" button

Editing Title template

  • Template Title - name the new template 
    • It's good to have an informative name, e.g. "Diamond Halo Engagement Rings"
  • Language  defines what system language will be used when applying the Title generator
  • Fields  define which components will be used to generate a content (f.i. product title):
    • Add Field allow to insert the value that will be taken from product's system field

  • Add Free Field allows to insert any static wording, phrase etc. to the generated content.
    When two or more word/phrases added to Free Field the generator uses one of them randomly.
    • Exmaple: "100% NATURAL", "EARTH MINED", "handmade jewelry")
    • Edit button allows editing the entered values in the textual mode

  • Suffix is inserted in the end of the generated title. To fully utilize the title field while generating the title, make several values from the prefix field be inserted into the title.
    This allows to fill all the available space in the title.
    • Take 1 suffix value (takes 1 randomly)
    • Take all values till max length of field (feel the field)
    • Take X values (limit the max amount of values to take)

  • in Advanced mode  following parameters become available
    • Space - defines if space will be added before the selected field. (e.g., there are 2 fields "Carat weight" and "Ct" in the template. If checked, the result will be 1.02 Ct, if unchecked, 1.02Ct.)
    • Case -defines the case of the wording: ALL CAPS, First word, Each Word
      • No ChanGe  - will use the same case as in the field value. 
      • ALL CAPS - changes the letters into Capital letters (Caps lock). 
      • First word - the first word will start with Capital letter. This is good when the field is inserted in the beginning of the sentence. 
      • Each Word - changes the case so that all words will start with Capital letter
      • no caps - changes all letters to lowercase  
    • Prioritiesdefines which fields are most important while generating the content. If the content length is limited in characters (f.i. eBay title is limited by 80 symbols) and the generated content is longer than the allowed length, fields with higher priority will be inserted first, to assure most important information is shown to the client.
      • Lowest priority : 0 (will be cut first), Highest priority: 100 (will be cut last, will stay as long as possible)
    • Remove Special Chars - remove symbols like ~!#$%^&*() from the generated text. Only letters and numbers stay
    • Fields Scramble  - display fields in random order

Applying the Title template

  • Open Catalog 
  • Select one or multiple products to generate titles or tags
  • Click System actions > Generate Titles

  • In the Title Description popup
    • Field - select field to apply the template
      • can be any field of "Text" type
    • select Template by given template title
      • select multiple templates and system will apply one of them randomly, for every product 
    • Language defines which language will be filled in the target field 
    • Overwrite overwrites all existing titles/tags in target products 
      • check the box to delete existing values and create new ones
      • leave unchecked to apply the generator only for products with empty title/tags fields
    • Click " Yes" to run the Generator
  • Check the relevant Batch to view process status, warnings or errors. 

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