Exporting orders to Excel

Modified on Thu, 05 Aug 2021 at 03:33 PM

To export orders to Excel:

  1. Go to Orders page
  2. Select the orders
    • Use searches to filter and see specific orders (f.i. from one sales channel, time-frame, status, etc.)
  3. Click "System actions" -> "Export to Excel"

Understanding Export fields

Order fields are divided in 3 separate blocks: 

  • Orders - includes fields with order related data
  • Clients - includes fields with client related data
  • Products - includes fields with data related to the product/s in the order

Orders Export page

  1. Choose an existing export format or create a new one

  2. To export without saving Formats, use "New"
  3. Select fields for export 
    • Add Field - to select Valigara field/s
    • Add Free Field - specify the column name and a fixed value for all exported order
    • Add All Fields - exports all existing order fields (not recommended) 
  4. Fine-tune the file structure
    • Field name in file -  Set the column title in the Excel sheet. By default, the exported field name is used
    • Usearrows to to select fields order in the Excel sheet

    5. Click "Export" to start the export process

    6. Open batch and click on Download link for the generated export file

Special Order Export fields

  • Order Items -
  • Order  Items with thumbnails -  
  • Order  Item Line # -
  • Order Item Variations -

to check with Igor/Anton: http://b.valigar.com/workgroups/group/21/tasks/task/view/79872/ 

- Jewligara https://manager.valigara.com/batches/view/?id=237475&type=1

- attached export Part_1_orders_2020_07_07_11_02.xls

1. only 4 additional fields selected on export, 17 columns in the export

2.  Mismatched data and duplicated c

  • For large exports, use "Maximum Lines in Excel export" setting in Global Settings to define a specific number items in every Excel file. 

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