Adding dynamic fields to generated content

Modified on Fri, 11 Dec, 2020 at 10:00 PM

Fields selector allows adding any product field to the generated content. 

This can be found in Description Generators, Listing templates for channels, Shipping notes, Orders print commands and more. 

Inserting the dynamic content 

  • Click the product field to be entered into content
  • Select the insertion options
  • click "Insert"

  • Insert 
    • Value option adds the field value to the text. This is good for standard fields such as model code, model type etc. , or other fields which have values for all products in the catalog. 
    • Value with Condition option allows hiding the content inside the condition if the respective product field is empty. 
      • New format: Condition starts with [!PRODUCT_FIELD]  and ends with [PRODUCT_FIELD!]
      • Old format:  Condition starts with ^NO##PRODUCT_FIELD##  and ends with $NO##PRODUCT_FIELD## 
      • Conditioned text can include any content, including static text, other product fields etc. 
    • In the example below:
      For the product which has no Gemstone 2, the whole block will be hidden.
      For the product where the Gemstone 2 exists, the content block inside the condition will appear in the generated description, including the respective gemstone certificate text (f.i. GIA)



  • Case sensitivity - sets in which case the product field value is inserted. 
    • No ChanGe  - will use the same case as in the field value. 
    • ALL CAPS - changes the letters into Capital letters (Caps lock). 
    • First word - the first word will start with Capital letter. This is good when the field is inserted in the beginning of the sentence. 
    • Each Word - changes the case so that all words will start with Capital letter
    • no caps - changes all letters to lowercase 


  • It is possible to enter condition inside condition, f.i.
    • first condition is the gemstone code which shows / hides the whole block
    • first condition is the gemstone clarity line only 

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