Setting up a Google Shopping feed

Modified on Tue, 18 Aug, 2020 at 1:17 PM

The Feeds module allows creating multiple feeds, to make the updated information accessible to external services, such as Google Shopping. 

Set up the feed

To access the feeds page in Valigara:

  • click Add new feed

  • enable Advanced mode usingtoggle in top right corner to set the following:
  • Columns titles
  • CSV delimiter
  • CSV enclosure
  • CSV escape char

  • Fill out following settings:
  • Feed name - an easily identifiable name for the specific feed
  • CSV filename - one of the Supported file formats for the data feed
  • Define what data to include in the feed
    • System Fields- list of system and free fields to include in the feed
      • Add Field - add a Valigara product/model/gemstone field
      • Add Free Field - specify field title, and a free text value(s). This field is included in all products
      • Add All Fields - add all Valigara fields (Model, Product, Gemstone, Commercial etc.)
    • Field name in file - rename the system field in the feed file, to match exactly the Google Shopping attribute name. Use the full attributes list for Shopping ads in Product data specification as a reference. 
    • Language - select the Valigara language to use in the feed


- System field: Shopify price -> Field name in file: price - takes the existing Shopify prices as price for Google Shopping

- Free Field size_system with US value - use free fields for attributes required by Google Shopping if the specific information is not available in Valigara. US will be included as a default value for all products.

Add products to the feed

On the Feeds page, click on the number under "Products count" next to relevant feed to edit list of products.

  • Clickto open a search page
  • Use Advanced searchfor additional filtering
  • Check / Uncheck all- selects/unselects all products on page
    • use "Show X entries" on the right side to see more products
  • Select on all pages - selects all products in all pages
  • Select relevant products and click "Add"

Remove products from the feed

On the Feeds page, click on the number under "Products count" next to relevant feed.

  • Search by Type, Collection, Metal or Gemstone to filter specific products

  • To delete all products on the page, use checkbox under "Feeds" to select all and click "Delete Selected"
  • To delete multiple products, select them and click "Delete Selected"
    • Usedrop-down to see 20/50/100/200 products on page

  • To delete a specific single product, click the delete "X" button on the right side

Note: More on how to set up, test and troubleshoot the feed in Google Merchant Center

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