Understanding Batches

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Some processes take longer to complete. This is why Valigara runs operations in the background. Batches summarize all operations made in the account, and show their current status. You can pause, stop batches and cancel running operations. 


Batches list

Shows the list of all batches in the account. To access Batches page:

Search for specific batches by type, current status and the person who initiated them. Pause large batches to give priority to smaller, or more urgent one. Resume the paused batches so they can be processed accordingly.

Pause multiple batches by selecting them and usingbutton.

Pause or resume single batches usingandbuttons under Tools.

Batch statuses

  • In Progress - currently running batch
  • Waiting - the batch is waiting in the queue to be processed. This avoids data collisions when using multiple import  or update actions at the same time. Each batch is processed based on chronological order.
  • Success - all operations were completed successfully
  • Completed with warnings - the operation was completed successfully for ALL items in the batch, but there are some warning messages during the operation. 
  • Completed with errors - the operation was completed successfully for for PART OF items in the batch. For some products, the operation wasn't executed. 
  • Error - no operations were completed successfully 
  • Paused - manually paused by the user. To continue the batch click Resume under Tools
  • Canceled - manually canceled by the user.  

Batch Groups

For the larger operations, Valigara divides its work into several batches. This adds stability to the process. Such batches will appear with "part X of Y" comment. 

When exporting to Excel, Valigara limits the max count of items in each file, to avoid creating huge files. Use "Maximum Lines in Excel export" setting in Global Settings to define the maximal count of lines in every Excel file. 

Batch Details page

The Batch Details page provides information about the specific batch. Following are the blocks when reviewing a batch:

  1. General (top left) - shows general batch information
    • Batch number - unique ID of the batch
    • Status - the current batch status
    • Info - the system action type
    • Related file (for import actions) - if user uploaded a file during the batch, it is available for download
    • Total / Processed- number of total/successfully processed items in batch
    • Started - when batch was started, according to My Account timezone 
    • Ended - when batch was processed, according to My Account timezone 
    • Started by - user who initiated the batch
  2. Information (top right ) - shows the specific batch parameters 
  3. Success - shows successfully updated products. Click on item title to open it in the system
    • Search - search for specific item title
    • Show Products - view the relevant items
  4. Warning - shows what didn't go in the expected order or suggests user's attention, but didn't avoid the operation from completing
    • Results column - displays specific warning messages
  5. Errors - shows the errors which avoided from the operation fo be completed.
    • Results column - displays specific error messages

  • "Related files" from import batches can be used as an online backup of your information.

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