Product SKU generation

Modified on Mon, 25 May, 2020 at 12:58 PM

When a new product is created in Valigara, the system  automatically generates an SKU (Stock Keeping Unit) - unique identifier for the product. To make this product ID more informative, the SKU is based the product's information.

"Product SKU Fields" create the SKU Mask, which defines the format of the SKU. To create / edit the SKU mask:

  • Go to Global settings -> General and scroll to “SKU generation” block
  • “Add Field” add product field selector
  • “Add Free Field” add a fixed value (such as your brand name, prefix, separator)
  • “Separate values” add the “-” separators between the values
  • Use thearrows to re-arrange the fields

"Product Variations SKU Fields" - Separate SKU mask is added for the SKU of the sub products (field-based variations of the product). This can include additional information about the variation, f.i. 

  • “-s7.5” can identify the size 7.5 of the ring
  • “-red” can identify the red strap sent with the pendant

“Maximum symbols” setting defines the maximum width of the generated SKU. If the resulting SKU of the product is longer than maximum symbols allowed, Valigara shortens the result as following

  • By removing the separators 
  • By shortening the included values (for example, if the SKU includes the model type value “Earrings”, it will be reduced to “Earring”, “Earrin”, “Earri”, “Earr” etc, until the SKU gets shorter than limit)
  • If the generation results in similar SKUs, or an already existing SKU in the system,  the unique Valigara ID  is added at the end of the SKU

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