Update product SKUs according to the SKU mask

Modified on Wed, 10 Jun 2020 at 12:47 PM

WARNING! Catalog code (SKU) is the main product identifier.
The update of SKU code leads to inconsistency in product information, and must be handled with high caution!

Re-generate SKUs for existing products according to the updated SKU mask (which is set in Global settings).

  • The update will effect both the main product SKUs and Variations SKUs, if such exist
  • The old product's SKU is saved in the product's changelog, but it won't be active in product search. If you prefer having both SKUs available for search, create additional field (f.i. Old SKU) and use Copy data to move the old SKU value into the created field, prior to running the update.

When to use:

  • If you want to replace the irrelevant catalog code (f.i. Ring0001) with a more informative (f.i. L23-WG-14K-tiny-princess-41986) 
  • if you have changed the SKU mask structure and want to update all existing products.

To run the update:

in the Products page, select products you wish to update the SKU -> System actions -> Generate SKUs

In the following pop-up can be selected - which SKUs will be updated:

The options are:

  1. Product SKUs and their Variations SKUs (e.g. each size variation has its own SKU)
  2. Only Product SKUs - Variation SKUs will be untouched
  3. Only Variations SKUs - Product SKUs will be untouched

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