Managing Etsy shipping profiles

Modified on Sun, 19 Jun 2022 at 07:50 PM

Etsy supports 2 types of Shipping Profiles: Fixed and Calculated

Fixed Cost profiles is automatically fetched by Valigara from Etsy using the Etsy API

Calculated Shipping profiles have to be migrated into Valigara manually

Etsy's Fixed Cost profiles can be created directly in Valigara

Etsy Shipping profiles page

To view/manage the Etsy Shipping profiles:

  • Go to   Channels > Etsy Settings > Shipping profiles >
    • Account - shows connected Etsy stores, the Shipping profile are set for each store independently
    • - edit an existing profile
    • - duplicate and create a new profile
    • - delete the specific profile

The Active products and Active listings columns of the Shipping Profiles table display the count of the products/listings, currently using each one of the profiles. 

Add new Shipping profile

To create a shipping profile in Valigara, fill out the following:

  • Profile Name - define profile names that help you identify them easily
  • Shipping origin - select the country the parcel will be shipped from
  • Processing time- the processing time frame before shipping the parcel 
    • 1 to 5 business days, 1 to 8 weeks 
    • Custom - From X To Y Days / Weeks
    • Unknown - does not specify processing time
  • Destinations - define one or multiple destinations to use in the profile
    • One item -  the shipping cost when buyers order single products
    • Each additional item - the shipping cost of the additional products in the order
      • for free shipping leave 0.00
    • Set for all - takes "One item" and "Each additional item" shipping cost values to use for all Destinations
    • Add Destination - select region or country to set up related shipping costs
    • Delete destination
    • Take all countries - add all available countries to the profile
  • Shipping upgrade costs (Domestic) / (International) 
    • Add Upgrade -  add upgrade options for domestic and/or intenrational shipping
    • Upgrade Name - define the name of the shipping upgrade, buyers will be able to see it when placing an order 
    • One item - the shipping cost when buyers order single products with that shipping upgrade selected
    • Each additional item - the shipping cost of the additional products in the order, when the shipping upgrade is selected

Click Save and Exit.

Add Shipping Profile by ID

Calculated Shipping Profiles need to be imported into Valigara using the Profile ID. 

To import Shipping profiles from Etsy, into Valigara:

In your Shop Manager on Etsy 

  • go to "Account settings > Settings > Shipping Settings > Shipping profiles" 
    • click the number under "Active listings" for the specific profile
    • copy the profile ID displayed in the URL of the browser

  • Click
    • Profile Name - define a name that helps you identify the profile and shipping setup easily
    • Profile Etsy ID - paste the profile ID (copied from the URL of the browser)
    • Account - define the account, that the profile belongs to (if multiple Etsy accounts are set up)

Select a default shipping template for the specific Etsy account as ETSY_shippingTemplate in Etsy account settings > Basics

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