Etsy basic account settings

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After connecting the Etsy account, set it up:

  • go to Channels -> Etsy Settings
  • click Editnext to the relevant account 


This section contains general Etsy account settings

  • Account name - the internal name of the account added when connecting Etsy. Use a name that helps you identify it easily if you have multiple accounts
  • Description - describe briefly the specifics of the account
  • Is default account? - if checked, that Etsy account will be used by default on the Post operations
  • ETSY_SHOP_ID - select the Id of the Esty Shop from the drop-down
  • ETSY_shipping Template - select a default template from the available Etsy shipping templates
  • Reconnect Etsy Store - re-authorizes the connection to Etsy


This section contains default options defining how product listings are handled:

  • Use gemstones and metals information for Etsy materials - if checked, automatically adds products' gemstone and metals titles to the list of Etsy materials
  • Block duplicated posts - check to avoid posting the same product on the Etsy store twice
  • Block duplicate titles - avoid posting the same product titles twice
    • Block if present on any account don't allow posting a product if the same title already exists on any Etsy accounts 
    • Block if present on current account - don't allow posting a product if the same title already exists in the Etsy account where the item is being posted to
    • Do not block
  • Deactivate listings in place of delete - defines what happens when deleting a product on Etsy through Valigara. Check to set the listings on Etsy as Inactive instead of permanently deleting them. This allows restoring listings if deleted by accident. 
  • Send missing variations
    • for listings with more than 1 variation (f.i. Metal title, Chain length), adjusts the variations to Etsy requirements (having all combinations of the 2 variations). 
    • when checked, for products missing in the Valigara catalog, Valigara will create a variation on Etsy, with qty=0 during the process
    • example: the combination of Metal title=White Gold and Chain length=14 inch is missing in Valigara. This combination will be virtually created, to create the listing on Etsy
  • Use Sales Price markdown marker - check to display strike-through pricing on first Etsy image
  • Kill unsold items - defines how to handle listings with no sales. If checked, Valigara will automatically remove listings with no sales from eBay. Use to improve the listings relevancy and optimize Click-Though rate
  • After X days - set to kill listings that are unsold after certain amount of days
  • Use Post Similar for killed items if them marked for Post Similar - if checked, for the listing that was posted with "Re-post automatically" option enabled, re-posts the similar listing right after it was killed by "Kill unsold" setting 
  • Don't kill items for them an order occurred at least once - disables killing listings of unsold items for listings with purchase history

After setting up the Basics, add more optimization and automation using the Etsy mappings and Commercial settings:

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