Lightspeed Commercial settings

Modified on Wed, 25 May 2022 at 07:37 PM

Lightspeed MappingsThe Lightspeed commercial settings define how your business operates on Lightspeed. To set them up:

  1. Go to Channels -> Lightspeed POS Settings 
  2. Click Editnext to the relevant account
  3. Go to Commercial Settings tab

Commercial settings

  • Ignore stock - enable to ignore checks by product stock settings before posting (f.i. product/gemstone etc.)
    • Allows to post/revise products with 0 stock
  • Certificate images start position - overwrite the default position for the certificate, in the specific account
  • Box image start position - overwrite the default position for the box image, in the specific account
  •  Image sizes - Valigara can automatically resize images while integrating with Lightspeed. Define the desired resolution for the listings' images.

  • Stocks settings

Valigara supports Lightspeed multi-stock locations for inventory management 

  • Define what is the relevant stocks for the each Lightspeed stock location for all stock operations
  • Select the stock locations from the list and drag to set the priority
  • The stock with higher priority (first in the list) will be used first for stock operations

  • Max post qty. - this option allows you to limit item quantity on a post. 

e.g. Item has quantity = 100 in stock and max post qty. set 3. When you'll post an item with quantity "from product" it will be posted with quantity = 3 instead of 100.

After setting up the Commercial settings, add more optimization and automation:

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