Using Procedures

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Generators -> Procedures add the next level of product data management automation. 

Procedures are the combination of existing data operations: Title Generators,  Description Generators, and Formulas.

Procedures run multiple operations in a single operation. 

Common uses

Good use for Procedure is when a new product is created. Multiple values have to be generated, for several fields:

 - Title Generator "eBay Basic Title 1" for field "eBay title"

 - Title Generator "Etsy Basic Title 1" for field "Etsy title"

 - Description Generator "Basic Description" for field "Description"

 - Formula "eBayPriceFull" for "eBay price" field 

- etc

Combine all of the above in a single Procedure "New Product" and run it, to generate all the selected values together.

Other possible cases are 

- Updating prices on multiple channels

- Full website data update

- Seasoned product titles creation

Create / Edit Procedure

  • Go to Products -> Generators -> Procedures
  • Click Add new/Edit existing 
  • On the Procedure page 
    • Click "Add" to add as many Procedure steps as needed
    • Add Title Generators,  Description Generators, Formulas
    • For each step, set settings according to the type of operation
    • Click Save and Exit


Conditions run the Procedure tailored to specific types of products. This allows creating the content for all products together, without the need to run multiple Procedures. For example: 

- if there are different website titles templates for Rings and for Earrings

- if prices are calculated using different Formulas , for cheap and expensive items

- if the Amazon category is different for the Yellow gold and for Silver products

To unify all these operations under one Procedure, add Conditions:

  • Click "Add block"
  • Click "Add condition"
    • Define the Product field, and the matching value (f.i. Type -> Necklace, Metal -> Yellow Gold)
    • Repeat to add as many product conditions as needed
  • For multiple conditions, define how the will apply to the products
    • All conditions - the Generators in the block will apply, if the product meets EVERY defined condition
    • Any condition - the Generators in the block will apply, if the product meets AT LEAST ONE defined condition
  • Click "Add" , and add Content Generators, relevant for the selected group of products

Matching operators:

  • = / ≠ — fully match value or not
  • ∋ / ∌ — partially match value or not


A flexible example of matching logic is below. We assign 3 tags to a product that has "Valigara" spelled in title in all 3 case-sensitive manners.


After condition is matched, procedure runs chosen action

Title Generator

Description Generator

AI Prompt


  • Use Price Improvements rounds up the result to nearest whole number

Copy Data



Maximum procedure depth

A procedure can include another procedure (sub-procedure). To avoid endless recursion & performance penalties, there is a maximum nesting level of 2. It means that when the procedure is applied:

- Its sub-procedures are applied

- Sub-procedures of sub-procedures are applied

- Sub-sub-sub-procedures are NOT applied.

When running the procedure with nesting level > 2, Valigara will return the error message: 

"Procedure XXX not applied - max nesting level reached."

Duplicate procedures (the same procedure appearing in more than one procedure) are not applied.

Run Procedure

Simple Procedure run

  • Select destination products on the Catalog page
  • System Actions -> Run Procedures
  • in the "Run Procedure" popup
    • Select the desired Procedure
    • Select if to overwrite/skip the existing values with the "Overwrite" checkbox
    • Run the Procedure
  • See the results in the relevant Batch

Running Procedures as part of other actions

  • Procedures can be triggered for a single product from the Product Edit Page -> Actions menu
  • Procedures can be triggered during the product import/update process:
    • Tick the "Advanced" checkbox
    • Select the procedure from the list

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