Scheduling actions in Valigara

Modified on Wed, 8 Mar, 2023 at 7:43 PM

What are Schedules?

Do the right thing in the right time. 

Choosing the optimal timing for the operation improves the online performance, and is an important part of your online operation. Scheduling tasks allow running the selected operation at the specific time, and distribute the work between specific dates. In addition, using Schedules lets you plan your work, balance your work between the low and high-load seasons, and adjust your work to different timezones. 

Valigara offers an extensive scheduling system.  This includes almost any task, such as posting your jewelry to eBay, Etsy or other channels, mass-revise or remove jewelry on the marketplace etc.

 Following schedules are available:

  1. Renew Schedule - schedules the Renew operation on sales channels
  2. Social Post Schedule - schedules posting items to the social channels
  3. Import Schedule - schedules the Import/Update operation for orders, products, and gemstones.
  4. Export Schedule - schedules the Export operation for orders, products, and gemstones


  • Equally distribute posting 100 items to Etsy store, daily 16:00-20:00 during the next 20 days (5 per day).
  • Revise eBay titles in 5 items daily,  17:00-20:00 , during the next month.
  • Post images of your 5 most active products to your Pinterest board, every Monday 15:00-16:00

Scheduling Templates

To make scheduling more powerful, create scheduling templates that will run automatically until canceled. Schedulers can run daily / weekly / monthly / on selected days of the week. For every scheduler, you might define how many times the scheduler will run.

  • 1. Create Scheduling template. F.i. "Daily Etsy random items renew" or "New items eBay post - Sunday 17:00 - 21:00" 
  • 2. While performing operation in Valigara, use the predefined template
    • f.i. use the "New items eBay post - Sunday eve" while performing mass-post to eBay, so that your jewelry will get to eBay on Sunday evening in the desired posting hours.

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