Import schedules

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What are Import Schedules?

With Import Schedule, the information from the source datasheet is fetched into Valigara every defined period of time. 

Import/Update/Merge operations are available for 

  • Products
  • Gemstones
  • Orders
  • Clients

Import Schedule can be used to update the information regularly, for example:

  1. Update products inventory from the ERP system
  2. Update orders Tracking numbers
  3. Update gemstones availability 
  4. Import new orders from a sales channel which is not connected to Valigara.

To create the schedule, the datasheet has to be accessible on the web (using the http/https/ftp link). Valigara supports import schedules with access authentication (username / password). 

Adding Import schedule

To create new Import schedule

  • Go to Channels -> Schedules 
  • Click "+" button -> Select Import Schedule

The Schedule page 

To schedule import, you will have to create the import formats , in which the information is presented in the source file. Scheduled import is available for all major formats:

  1. Gemstones import
  2. Gemstones update
  3. Models import
  4. Products Import/Merge
  5. Products Update.
  6. Clients import
  7. Orders import

After defining the format ready

  1. Type -> Select one of the existing formats
  2. Enter the datasheet URL
    • Use any delimited file type (such as xls, xlsx, csv or txt)
    • Use http, https or ftp links
    • Use direct link to the file (not f.i. link to the folder with the file)
  3. If the host requires authentication: 
    • Check the "Basic access authentication" checkbox
    • Enter login, and password twice
  4. Define schedules options according to format type:
  5. Select one of existing Scheduling template or create Custom.
  6. Define "Override start date" if required.
  7. Click "Save".

  • Scheduling is also available for Export / Post / Renew actions
  • Use scheduling templates to run schedules more easily

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