Calculate product prices

Modified on Thu, 23 Dec 2021 at 02:10 PM

Adjust/calculate product prices in bulk.

  1. Open Catalog
  2. Select products to update prices
  3. Click System Action  -> Calculate Prices 
  4. In the pop-up "Prices Calculation":
    • "Price to set" - select the price field for the update
    • "Base price" - select the price field to calculate the values
    • "Value"
      • +/- increase/decrease the set field according to the entered value
      • % - the value is set as a percentage of the base price
      • value - the value is set as a fixed amount
    • "Use price improvements" - the Price Improvements algorithms will be applied for calculated prices if checked.
    • Check "Overwrite" in case of changing existing prices
  5. Click "Save" and check results in the batch.

  1. To adjust the existing Price field value
    • Select the same price field in "Price to set" and in the "Base price"
    • Select percent increase/decrease, number and  %/value
    • Check "Overwrite"
    • Click Save and check results in the batch.
  2. Keeping "Overwrite" unchecked allows quickly complete the missing information. 
    Run "Calculate Prices" for all products with Overwrite unchecked will skip the products with existing values and update products without values in a "Price to set" field.
  3. For advanced calculation of prices and other values, use Calculate Value

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