Uploading product images and videos

Modified on Thu, 08 Feb 2024 at 02:21 PM

Valigara offers multiple methods to upload and update product media (images and videos). You may upload using the:

For supported formats, please refer to this page.

Product edit page

Add product images and videos using the product edit page. 

  1. Go to the product Edit page
  2. In Basic tab, scroll down to Media
  • Upload images
  • Upload videos - use Valigara media storage to host videos
  • Add video URL - place URL of externally hosted video
  • Add box images - click to select box image/s to add to product locally
    • set globally in Global Settings for all sales channels, or for each channel

Product media upload   

To assign product images to multiple SKUs go to:

Upload options:

1. By matching the SKU's in the Catalog vs the name of the image filenames:

  • Add media according to Y in the file name - put image in a specific position for SKU
    • f.i 50443-2.jpg adds image as a second image for SKU 50443
    • XXXX in image filename/s can be SKU or Valigara ID value/s
  • Insert media to X position - specifies the position for the new upload image, applies to all images on upload
  • Add media to the end - useful when products have a different numbers of images. The new images are added as the last product image on the upload
  • Replace existing media - newly uploaded image/s will replace existing product image/s

2. By matching the SKU's in the Catalog vs the name of the folder with related images:

  • To upload images, select the root directory with folders named - XXXX are located, where XXXX is the SKU in the Catalog.
  • This functionality is supported by selected browsers. Dee the updated list here

Excel import

To import/update product images using a spreadsheet:

  • Go to Catalog -> Products Import/Update
  • Select the operation and local spreadsheet file -> Upload
    • Import - use only to add images of new products
    • Update - use to change existing product images
    • Merge - use to add new product images and overwrite the existing ones
      • Overwrite images -  available for "Update" and "Merge" operations

  • Map the Excel columns to Valigara fields. (Choose an existing import formator set a new one). 
    • Use the predefined image-related Valigara fields:
      • Image channels relations - define how images should be used on the different sales channels
      • Image Links (separated by ;) - use when multiple product image URLs are contained into single cells, separated by ; in the spreadsheet
      • Single image link - use when product Image URLs are saved in separate cells in the spreadsheet
    • Import image URL into additional fields
      • map to an existing one 
      • create a New field
  • Click Update to start process
  • Check generated batch for results

Sample spreadsheet (Image Links (separated by ;)

Product Images page

The Product Images page displays an overview of all product media. Including product images, box images, certificate images and videos. To work with media in bulk:  

Select media to upload 

  • click to select one or more local product images to upload to product/s
  • drag and drop single/multiple image files in Tools
  • click Save uploaded mediato apply changes

  • Select all/Unselect all- selects all images/videos of a product. To use with image operations (System actions).

Sales channel selection

  • Product images page allows you to select a sales channel to upload image to.

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