Import / Update Gemstones & Models using data-sheets

Modified on Mon, 05 Oct 2020 at 05:35 PM

Valigara provides a flexible import/update interface for migrating inventory data from external spreadsheets, such as MS Excel, OpenOffice Calc, Google Sheets. 

Gemstones and Models can be imported as parts of product import or separately. 

Importing and Updating for:



1. Select the operation

  • "Import" to create new gemstones. When using this form, it is necessary to provide the minimal required information about your inventory.
  • "Update" to adjust the data of existing gemstones/models. For example, adding "Clarity" to your gemstones. The update file can include any partial information about your products, f.i. pricing only, fancy colors only, etc. (requires only gemstone/model code).

2. Upload the data file

  • Select the local data sheet
    • accepted formats: .xls, .xlsx, .csv and .txt (alias for csv)
    • maximum file size: 50 MB 
  • Overwrite - define whether to overwrite existing data
    • when checked, gemstones/models' data will be overwritten by the data from the sheet
    • when unchecked, gemstones/models' data from the sheet will be added only to gemstones/models, which fields are currently blank
  • Click Upload

IMPORTANT: Excel formatting (Format cells) and formulas are not supported. Before importing the file, please check that it contains only clear values.

3. Select Import Format

  • If you have previously imported data from sheets with similar fields, select one of the existing Formats. 
  • If the datasheet structure is new, select "New" format. 

4. Map the import fields 

For each field in the import file, assign the matching field in Valigara, in which the data will go to or create a new one. 

  • Existing Valigara field - select from the drop-down
  • New Field - this will create the new field under "Import" set in Additional fields
  • Skip Field - the data in the specific column will be ignored

IMPORTANT: some fields are mandatory for models/gemstones import. Such fields are marked by "*" in drop-down of existing fields. E.g. "Model Code"

Optionally, after defining the relations between the data-sheet and the Valigara fields, you can save the existing data feed fields mapping as a new format, by clicking "Save Format"

5. Click "Import" and check the results in the Batch.

  • Use the Excel samples with demo gemstones ("Gemstones Import") and demo models ("Basic") in the Import/Update pages. See the formatting requirements for each field uploaded.
  • Images are processed after the import is complete. Please allow some time for images to appear.
  • As the import operation can be time consuming for 1000 items, start by importing a few items first. After verifying the import goes as expected, proceed with the whole data-sheet batch.

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