Import / Update products from data-sheets (Excel)

Modified on Mon, 13 Nov, 2023 at 9:37 PM

Valigara provides a flexible import/update interface for migrating your products data from external spreadsheets. Easily import your data from MS Excel, OpenOffice Calc, Dropbox, Google Sheets etc. 

To import your data feed into Valigara:

1. Select the operation

  • Import - Create new products. When using this form, it is necessary to provide the minimal required information about your jewelry.
  • Update - Make adjustments in existing products. For example, adding "Secondary color" to your gemstones. The update file can include any partial information about your products, f.i. pricing only, commercial titles only, Etsy keywords, etc.
  • Merge - Add new products and overwrite the existing ones.

Mandatory fields

  • Import/Merge (new products): Catalog code (SKU), Product Title, Model Code, Model Type, Model Title, Collection.

  • Update (existing products): Catalog code (SKU)

Additional settings

Depending on the selected upload mode, the process can perform additional actions with the destination products:

  • Overwrite images - available for "Update" and "Merge" operations - overwrite existing product images
  • Overwrite products - available only for "Merge" operation - overwrite the current data in existing products
  • Advanced 
    • available for "Update" operation
    • executes the Update listings operation for products active on channels


2. Define Import Format

  • To start, create a new format or use an existing one.
  • Map the import fields
    • Existing field - select a Valigara field from the drop-down
      • already selected fields are highlighted in green in the drop-down menu
    • New Field- define the "New Field Name" 
      • this option creates the new field/s under "Import" set in Additional fields
      • the field Title, Type, Set, Width and Alias can be edited after the field is created
    • Skip Field - the data in the specific column will be ignored

3. Click "Import" and check the results in the Batch.

IMPORTANT:  Before importing the file, please check it contains values only. Importing formatted data and formulas is not supported.

  • TIP: Download the Example files with demo products "Fashion Jewelry", "Fine Jewelry" "Advanced" on the top of the page. See the formatting requirements for each field uploaded.  For loose gemstones/diamonds, use the "Fine Jewelry" format.
  • Maximal allowed file size for Import/Update/Merge products = 10MB
  • Check the import requirements for SELECT type fields (Select single/Multiple/Variations) 

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