Creating listings with variations

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While listing product on external channels, you can add variations to the product listing. Depending on the marketplace, this can dramatically increase the STR (sell-through-rate, chances to sell the product).

* To learn about the 2 types of variations, in Valigara , read the Variations Basics 

To add variation to the product listing, on the Post or Mass Post page

  • Click "Add Variation"
  • Set the variation name, which will appear near the values (f.i. "Metal Name", "Ring Size", "Main Gemstone" etc.)
  • Select the field which will serve for creation of the variation


  • Select the field values which will participate as variation
    • uncheck the "ALL" checkbox and select the values specifically
    • example: the product is available in Yellow Gold, Rose Gold, White Gold and Platinum. If you don't want Platinum to to appear as variation in the listing, uncheck "ALL" and select Yellow Gold, Rose Gold, White Gold in available values. 

Matching Fields

  • Set Matching Fields - fields, which values will be matched while selecting products for variations. Only items with the matching field value identical to the main product will be added as the variations of the posted product.

    Example: We want to post to eBay earrings with Garnet stone. In the same model exist also products with Onyx and Amethist. The listing should appear on eBay with variation by gold purity: 14k, 18k and 24k.

    To assure that only products with Garnet are taken as variations of the main product
    • the Product Based variation will include the variation field "Gold Purity" (14k, 18k and 24k), 
    • the Matching field is "Gemstone Type". 
    • While creating the variations, Valigara will select only products with the same Gemstone Type as in the main product (Garnet) and will skip all other products which to not match this condition. 
  • It is possible to set more than 1 Matching field, f.i.:

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