Stock management - basic

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Valigara inventory management provides a flexible foundation for the automated multi-channel inventory handling. 

Valigara manages stocks on multiple levels:

Multiple warehouses and stock locations 

  • Multiple warehouses support
  • Stock location can be set up to serve orders from a specific location, and special sales channel

Item's inventory states

  • In stock - all stock locations's inventory is OK
  • Alert - at least one location's inventory is below its Alert level
  • Below Red level - at least one location's inventory requires repurchasing
  • Out of stock -  at least one location's inventory is  out of stock
  • Undefined - at least one location's inventory is not set

Product-level inventory parameters

  • Real and Virtual items 
  • Unique and Non-Unique items

Inventory management modes 

  • internal - inventory is updated only inside Valigara
  • external  - Valigara updates inventory and performs stock actions on connected external channels

Movement types:

  • Valigara supports purchase actions and returns. 
  • For each movement type, a different stock action rule can be set

Special product types

  • Set products have a special inventory treatment  
  • Component items are useful to track the inventory of jewelry parts
  • Field-based product variations have no individual inventory, but share product's main inventory

Gemstone stock

  • When the gemstone is sold out, Valigara can remove all relevant products from the stock
  • Gemstone stock includes the management of Parcels
  • To handle Memos, create Orders in relevant status

Inventory updates

  • Inventory can be updated in the interface,  via Excel, via scheduled operation, and via API
  • When the update is initiated, it can influence external channels too

Business rules

  • Auto-refill stock allows keeping the items in-stock
  • For each integrated channel, Valigara is able to define automatic replenishing and maximum post quantity
  • Stock action can automatically trigger fulfillment requests by carriers or 3pl fulfillemtnt centers 


  • the module helps keeping the items in stock
  • When working with vendors items, Valigara knows to identify them byyour / your vendor's SKUs
  • Predictive purchasing can define the required quantity based on the last months' sales velocity

External 3rd party logistic 

  • Shipping carriers: more than 100
  • Fulfillment centers : FBA, EFS
  • Valigara stays updated on the inventory changes in the center
  • Trigger the fulfillment for any channel


  • The integrated Inventory and Component reports provide the quick overview of the current inventory state

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