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The Stock Settings page in Valigara allows you to manage the inventory of your products, gemstones, and metals. 

Stock Actions in Valigara

There are 2 types of Stock Actions in Valigara:

  • Purchase - item leaves the stock
  • Return - item gets back into the stock 

To manage the stock actions, under Inventory section go to the Stock Settings page.

Products Inventory

  • Update Stock - When enabled, Stock Actions will update the quantity of the products inside the Valigara system. With inventory updates enabled, the product quantity is adjusted when the order is placed.
  • Update Stock on Channels - When enabled, Valigara updates the stock quantity on all connected channels. This ensures that the product's online quantity is always up-to-date.
    • Update on a new order - the Stock Action happens on any new order registered in the system
    • Update on specific status -define what order status triggers the Stock Action
  • Allow posting quantities higher than real stock
    • if unchecked, no post / revise with qty "as defined" higher than the real stock will be allowed
    • if manual action was taken before the quantity update, do not change stock after the status changed
  • End products with related gemstones on product delete
    •  if enabled, on product DELETED from Valigara, checks for the gemstone in the product and removes ALL products with the same gemstone(s) from marketplaces. This can be used to ensure that the gemstone included in the deleted product does not appear in any other listing online.

    • Can be applied to all products & products with Class=Loose

  • When an item is marked "Not for sale"
    • Remove from all channels: all listings will be ended, and all future posting/scheduling/relisting will be disabled.
    • Remove from specific channels: same as the above, with the ability to choose the relevant channels
    • Ignore: no changes will be made to the existing listings/ schedules 

Gemstones Inventory

How should Valigara handle the gemstone inventory? Once enabled, Valigara will automatically update the listings on connected channels according to the included gemstone's availability. This includes removing the items from all channels once the relevant gemstone is OOS.

The handling can be set for 

  • Single gemstones
    • all gemstones in Valigara
    • for gemstones marked as Unique
  • Parcels
    • all gemstones in Valigara
    • for gemstones marked as Unique

When "Remove relevant products from all channels" is selected, Valigara can 

  • Mark product as Not For Sale - the item is marked with Stock -> "Not For Sale"
  • "Set product QTY to 0 - in addition to gemstone quantity, also the related product quantity turns 0

Stock locations

In some cases, the inventory is located in multiple locations. Manage the list of warehouses/virtual locations for your product inventory.

  • IMPORTANT: When a product is posted/revised on the marketplace with stock "as defined", further inventory changes do not affect listings. This creates situations when the "as defined" listings are not removed and sold when the product is out of stock (OOS).  F.i., the product was posted to eBay with qty "as defined", after that, the product was sold on Etsy and becomes OOS , and the item is not removed from eBay.

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