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Valigara offers advanced product stock management,  logically connecting multiple stock locations, gemstones stock, metals stock, and multiple automation options. 

Stock Levels


Product quantily displays current stock level. The quantity is displayed per warehouse (stock location). 

Quantity Alert

Define a quantity level, at which you will be notified in the system (Dashboard) and over email.

Red Level

A tool for optimizing stock operations. Manage the product availability based on average sales and required time to replenish stock. If a manufacturer/supplier takes 3 weeks to deliver the product/s, plan ahead so the product would not become unavailable. 

Purchase Quantity

Define what quantity is recommended to purchase when the product reaches quantity below Red Level. Useful for keeping track of stock levels, current and required in order to place a Purchase order to the supplier. When adding a new purchase order, click "Add all recommended" to see all items below the Red Level.

Product stock options


- Enable in the item (or lot of items) that you will not be able to produce again once all existing items in the stock will be sold. 

- If checked, item will be automatically removed from all marketplaces once sold on one of them, overriding the "Auto-refill" option if enabled.

- Auto-refill option should not work for this product. 


- sets product to desired qty once alert qty is reached

- is not valid for Non-repeatable products

if auto-refill is set as 1=>3 (when reaches 1 fill up to 3)

- if qty>0 , the system will REVISE listing after changing the quantity 

- relist is used only if listing is totaly sold on channel

Not For Sale (NFS)

  • product checked "Not for sale" will not be posted to channels with listings
  • If item is active / scheduled for posting / has some automatic re-list option, this is disabled, in all channels. 
  • If checked, item is DEAD COMPLETELY on channels, according to Stock setting "Remove from channels"
  • VariationProducts: 
    • After the product became "Not for sale", system performs revise on ALL channels for products in them the sold one was as variation, and make this variation "Out of stock". 
    • If some revise didn't succeed, mail notification is sent to client.
  • Channels-related:
    • VShop: NFS products are not shown, but in part of shops this products still can be bought
    • VSite,Facebook,Zap : NFS products marked are not shown
    • Magento: marked as not visible

Real vs Virtual

When checked, product is set as a real product

Zero-Quantity behavior

When product quantity reaches 0:

  • if Unrepeatable product= YES
    • kill item on all channels
  • if Unrepeatable product= NO
    • Go to "Auto-refill" option

  • if "Auto-refill" is TRUE - set "Refill value" and restore on all channels (if died on channel, repost / renew it)
  • if "Auto-refill" is false - remove from all channels 

if no Auto-refill is option for relevant listing stock AND "Update stock on all channels on new order" is set

  • all listings for relevant product (main listings ) are ended by system.
  • all listings for relevant product (not main listings) are revised by system
    • main product will be untouched 
    • variation in main product will be not available (qty=0 disabled)

When the product is sold out, it (or they, if the check is set by gemstone stock) becomes inactive on all channels and marked "Not for sale".

More information about setting up API access and subscription package details:

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