Purchase Orders

Modified on Thu, 04 Jan 2024 at 12:09 AM

Create Purchase Orders to make orders from your suppliers. The content of the order can automatically match the current inventory state, or you can manually select items to order. This makes sure you never run out of stock with your inventory. 

Add a purchase order

  • go to Inventory -> Purchasing -> Purchase Orders
  • click New Purchase Order
  • fill out
    • Order Date - a date when the order is placed, to track its status and processing time
    • Supplier - select the supplier who will be creating the order
    • Purchase QTY - select if the product's default quantity in the order is defined by its Purchase Quantity value or by its periodic sales volume
    • Comment - add any internal comments related to the order, supplier or related product

  • Products are added to the PO in 3 ways
    • Add all recommended
      • the system compares the current products' inventory with the Red Level
      • If the quantity in one of the stock locations is below the Red Level, the product is added to the PO
    • By SKU
      • manually add relevant product(s) to the PO
      • start typing the SKU (3 or more characters) in the search field
      • select the product and click Add
    • Select products
      • click to open the products search popup
      • select relevant products and add them to the PO

  • Set the required Quantity and Cost, and click Save or Save and Exit to return back to the Purchase Orders page.

Update Purchase Order status

  • Statuses:
    • Open
    • Partially Closed 
    • Closed 
    • Canceled

To update the status, select the order and click System Actions -> Change Purchase Order status

Export purchase orders

  • select the purchase order/s and click System Actions -> Export Datasheet
  • or click the green Export Datasheet button next to the Status column

  • in the Export Datasheet page
    • Format - choose a new or previously saved export format from the drop-down to use
    • New format title - to save a specific export format for future use, add an easily identifiable title  
    • Fields - list of the fields to include in the export. Adding purchase order, product Basic, Commercial and channels related fields for products is available. Already added fields appear in green in the drop-down
    • click "Export" to start 

Email Purchase Orders

Once the Purchase Order is ready, it can be sent to the supplier, or any other recipient. 

On the Purchase Orders page

  • Single PO
    • in the Tools column, select the Email option
    • define the recipient(s)
    • The results of sending are displayed in the relevant batch
  • Multiple POs
    • select the POs
    • Actions -> Send email

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