Post Product to Etsy page

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The "Post Product to Etsy" page consists from the following sections:

Shop  section

  • choose specific Etsy account, if multiple Etsy accounts are set up

Template section

Format section

Define listing type, details and where product information is taken from

  • Variations click "Add variations" to create a variation listing 
  • Title - define which Title Variants is used
  • Price
    • "From product" - takes "Etsy price" value from Commercial > Etsy section 
    • "As defined" - set a specific price to use for all products on post operation
    • Select a different Valigara price field for post operation
  • Category 
    • use the Etsy category as set in the product 
    • "As defined" - pick a specific Etsy category for the post
  • Attributes - shows list of the Etsy attributes for the selected category, and allows you to map from which Valigara field to fill the attributes.  The default settings are taken from the Etsy attributes mappings page. 
  • Store section - select the Etsy store section to post the products
  • Description template - select a Description Template to use in the post 
  • Shipping profile
    • "From Product" - takes the value from the "Commercial -> Etsy -> Shipping profile" field of the product
      • If you have multiple Etsy stores connected to Valigara, the Shipping profile can be set for each store independently
    • "As defined" - select specific Shipping profile for all posted products 
  • Weight 
    • "From Product" - takes the value from the "Basic -> Weight" field of the product
    • "As defined" - insert a specific Weight value and unit, to apply to all products
    • If a different unit is selected, the existing Weight value will be converted
  • Dimensions 

    • "From Product" - takes the values from the Width, Height and Length fields in "Basic -> Sizes"
    • "As defined" - insert specific Width, Height and Length values and unit to apply to all products
    • If a different Unit of Measurement is selected, the existing product measurements will be converted
  • Disable custom order - feature is available only when custom order requests are enabled in the Etsy shop

  • Select a use -  specify from the Etsy values w"A finished product" or A supply or tool"

  • Who made - select who created the product ("I did", "Member of my shop" or "Someone else")

  • When made - list of Etsy values, select the time frame when the product was made

  • Tags - check "Use tags from products" to send existing tag data. Create Etsy tags using Title Generators.

  • Occasion - currently not supported by Etsy API

Stock section

  • Stock - define Stock Locations to be used with the created listings
    • "From account settings" - Stock locations are selected based on "Related Stocks", as set in Etsy account > Commercial Settings
    • "As defined" - Select a specific stock location
  • Quantity - define the product quantity in the created listings
    • "From Stock" - quantity is taken from the related Stock, according to "Basic" -> "Stock" field of the product
      • When multiple stock locations are set as "Related Stocks" 
        • Valigara checks the availability of the product in each stock, starting with the stock location with the highest priority defined for the account
        • the quantity at the first available location is used during the post process
    • "As defined" - insert specific quantity to apply to all products in the post

Scheduling section

  • Schedule 
    • Post Now - runs the post operation instantly
    • Custom - set a custom schedule
    • Existing template - use one of the existing Scheduling Templates
      • Override start date - overrides the Start Date of the selected Scheduling Template
  • Sale - leagcy feature, currently not supported by Etsy
  • Recurring listing automation 
  • Click "Post" button and check the results in the batch

  • Use Scheduling as posting optimization tool
  • Use the follow-up tools to know the current starte of the product on the marketplace, and the complete online history of the product. 

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