Post product to Walmart page

Modified on Sat, 14 May 2022 at 07:11 PM

The "Post Product to Walmart" page consists from the following sections:

  • Shop section

    • choose specific Walmart account, if multiple Walmart accounts are set up

  • Format section

Define listing type, details and where product information is taken from

  • Title field - define which Title Variant is used
  • Price
    • Use a Valigara product price field
    • "As defined" - set a specific price
  • Description template - select a Template to use in the post 
  • Variations - click "Add variations" to create a variation listing 
  • Brand
    • "From account settings" - takes the default Brand set in "Walmart Settings -> Commercial Settings"
    • "As defined" - specify a different brand name, overrides default Brand setting
  • Key features
    • "From product" - takes the value from "Commercial -> Walmart -> Walmart Key Feature 1-5" fields of the product
    • "As defined" - type specific "Walmart Key Feature 1-5" values
  • Shipping Weight
    • "From product" - takes values from "Commercial -> Walmart -> Walmart Shipping Weight" field of the products
    • "As defined" - insert a specific value to apply to all products, overrides existing Shipping Weight
  • Tax code
    • "From product" - takes the value from "Commercial -> Walmart -> Walmart Tax Code" field of the product
    • "As defined" -  insert a specific Sales Tax Codevalue for all products
  • Attributes 
    • List of all Walmart recommended and optional product attributes 
    • Default mapping taken from "Channels -> Walmart Settings -> Mappings"
  • Stock
    • "From account settings" - takes set Stock Locations as "Related Stocks" from Walmart > Commercial Settings
    • Select a specific stock location from the list to use for post and stock operations
  • Quantity
    • "From Stock" - takes the quantity from the "Basic -> Stock" field of the product
    • "As Defined" - insert specific quantity value to apply to all products

  • Click "Post" button and check the results in the batch

  • After the post, use the follow-up tools to know the current state of the product on the marketplace, and the complete history of the product online.
  • For UPC exemption - use "Product Identifier Type: GTIN" and "Walmart Identifier: CUSTOM"

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