Editing eBay templates

Modified on Wed, 23 May 2018 at 03:25 AM

To create eBay templates , go to Channels -> eBay.com settings.

Proceed to Templates by clicking Templates of Manage button.

Click Add Gallery template to create eBay description template based on existing Valigara designs.

Click Add Freestyle template to create eBay description template with custom HTML /programming.

Freestyle Templates

  1. General settings
    1. Default template is selected by default on the eBay Post / Mass Post pages
    2. Image settings and Thumb Image settings set the default size of the Images and Thumbnail images in the image gallery
  2. Editing modes

    1. Select the desired editing mode, matching to your technical level

    2. Visual mode gives you the visual presentation of how your product will look like. It's easier to use and doesn't require technical knowledge.
      Textual mode gives you the full control and direct access to your HTML, CSS programming code of the template

  3. Preview listing

    1. Use Preview listing to see how the description will look like on eBay

    2. Select the desired account, listing type (Fixed price or Auction)

    3. If relevant, select specific product in your Catalog to see how it will look like

  4. Adding media files to templates

    1. Use the Valigara File storage to add media to your listings.

    2. To add a fixed banner image, link to PDF file with sizing information, an inspiration video of your company or an external CSS file - use the uploaded files anywhere in the template.

Special Template Parameters 

  1. eBay Template tags
    1. Use tags for linking to specific places in eBay account / store
    2. Example Use: add link to eBay store where the listing belongs; listings page in the eBay account, Email to Friend link etc.
    3. Cross link between the Fix Price and Auction listings of the same product
  2. Product Images / videos
    1. Dynamically insert product images, links to product videos, thumbnails of product images and videos
    2. To insert product video with link to the template, use hashtag in the following format:
       500 - width in px;
       375 - height in px;

      The last parameter selects the insertion option:
      0 - iframe
      1 - flash
      2 - img with link
      3 - Html5 video or Img with link
  3. Complementary Products

    1. add information about up to 5 Complementary products of the posted product
    2. use Image, Price, Title, Url
    3. select Complementary Products in Product edit page -> Complementary tab
  4. Random Products
    1. add information about random products in your eBay store
    2. use Image, Price, Title, Url
    3. use "Filter Random Items" filter to select specific items that will be used as Random items in the template.

General Tips

  • each eBay international marketplace (UK, AU, FR etc) uses its own, independent templates. Make sure to duplicate the template into relevant channel's settings
  • Switch carefully from Textual to VIsual editing mode, as some elements of the custom code can be cut during to transfer to more simplified editing mode

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