eBay basic account settings

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After eBay account is connected, set up the account with the following steps:

  • go to Channels -> eBay Settings 
  • click Edit  next to the relevant account name

Account Settings

Default Values 



Automatic Feedbacks 

Policies (For OLD shipping profiles) 

Account Basics

This section contains general eBay account settings

  • Account name - the internal name of the account added when connecting eBay . Use a name that helps you identify it easily if you have multiple accounts
  • Description - describe briefly the specifics of the account
  • Is default account? - if checked, that eBay account will be used by default on the Post operations
  • Get orders from additional marketplaces - For listings posted with "International visibility", the orders might happen on different eBay sites. Select eBay sites to import orders from.
  • Stats API - authorize Valigara to fetch the eBay's statistical data about the listings.

Default values

  • BIN Default Duration - select the default duration for listings in Buy It Now (Fixed Price) format
  • Auction Default Duration - select the default duration for listings in Auction (Bids) format
  • Best offer - enable or disable Best Offer
  • Min/Max Price (%) - set min and max percentage values to automatically accept and/or decline offers     
    • Offer will be auto-declined
    • Offer will be auto-accepted    
  • Auto-relist - enable or disable auto-relisting listings after they end on eBay
  • Default dispatch time max - set the default time required to dispatch an order (0-40 Days)
  • Default Private value - check to create Private listings by default
  • Default shipping profile (old) - legacy settings for old eBay accounts. No need to select a profile if using Business Policies
  • Default Immediate payment value - check to require Immediate payment for listings


This section adds Advanced options for account optimization and automation.


  • Certificate images start position - overwrite the default position for the certificate, in the specific account
  • Box image start position - overwrite the default position for the box image, in the specific account
  • Watermark - define if to automatically apply the watermark to all images uploaded into the channel
  • Default - applies the default watermark set in Global Settings -> Image Settings
  • Hide Watermark - select not to apply any watermark to the images
  • Set watermark for this account - define the watermark individually for the eBay account
    • set the Watermark position
    • upload a watermark Image

Automatic feedbacks

Valigara can automatically  leave feeback to your buyers. Set whether or when to leave them.

  • Do not leave - disables leaving feedbacks automatically
  • On payment received - leave a feedback on receiving payment 
  • Positive feedback from buyer received- leave a feedback after a buyer leaves a positive feedback
  • On order status - specify the order status to trigger the automatic feedback f.i. Incomplete, Ordered, Sent etc.)
  • Feedback Message 1-5 -  set feedback messages to leave for buyers. Messages will be chosen randomly from the list.

Policies (For OLD shipping profiles)

The Policies section represents legacy settings used for old eBay accounts. Leave blank if using Business Policies

Optimize and automate the eBay workflow:

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