eBay item specifics mappings

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The eBay Item Specifics Mapping optimizes the listing process. On the eBay post, it automatically fills the eBay attributes for each listing individually. Mapping can be based on an existing product value or on a fixed value, defined in Mappings. This allows posting multiple products in different categories together, each one having unique parameters.  

Each eBay category can have it's own mapping, relevant to the specific type of the products.

Add a new category 

Set up item specifics mapping 

Update existing mappings 

Add a new category

  • go to eBay Settings page
  • enter account settings -> Item Specifics Mappings tab
  • click Add category 

  • in the Categories pop-up, select the eBay category from the categories tree. Make sure to select last subcategory level (leaf category, in eBay terminology)
  • click Add to see the category fields, and Save at the bottom of the settings page

Set the item specifics mappings

  • Click Expand to see the eBay category related fields on the left side. Set first the required fields:

    • Custom Label - map a field to use for Custom Label identifier in eBay inventory (f.i. Catalog Code or Valigara ID)
    • Item Condition - map a field for condition on eBay 
      • From product - takes condition value from product
      • As defined - select a condition value from the eBay list
    • Condition Description 
  • From product - takes condition description from product
  • As defined - provide specific condition description
  • Next to each eBay category field there are five mapping options:
    • Automatic - the predefined mapping, created by Valigara team
    • System field - select an existing Valigara field that contains the relevant information
    • Skip this - don't send any value to eBay 
    • Free text - define specific text for the item specific 
    • eBay value - select a fixed value from the eBay list
  • Click Add custom to add a custom item specific field
    • Enter the item specific Title and select the value as above
  • click Save at the bottom of the page


Update Existing Mappings

  • go to eBay Settings page
  • enter account settings -> Item Specifics Mappings tab
  • click Expand next to the category to see the existing mappings
  • make the required changes and click Save

Sales improvement techniques
  • Create maximum allowed Item Specifics - this improves item's SEO and the Sell-Through rate
  • Add offer-related / promotional Item Specifics ("All products are hand-made in US" , "Buy with confidence - 0 question returns!")

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