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Modified on Mon, 30 Mar 2020 at 05:17 PM

Some listings have a huge value to your business, and should well protected. 

Locking listings avoids making any changes in the listing (or deleting them) on the sales channels.  Data in the locked listings will not be altered, unless the listing is manually unlocked first. Locking / unlocking listings is done per sales channel.

Lock / unlock listings

  1. select the specific listings 
  2. click "Listing actions" -> Lock / unlock listings
  3. choose Lock or Unlock and click Yes

Search for locked/unlocked listings

  1. on Listings page, open the full search
  2. in "Main" tab select "All", "Yes" or "No" next to Locked
  3. click Search

To see if the listing is locked or not, add the Locked column to the list of columns:

  1. go to Listing page (f.i. eBay Listings, Etsy Listings, etc.) and use columns selector 
  2. check Locked and click Apply

Revising locked listings error

  • Result: Locked error is displayed, when a locked listing is attempted to be revised:

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