"Take duplicated information from" setting on Revise actions

Modified on Tue, 11 Jun 2019 at 01:15 AM

In some cases, the marketplace listing and the Valigara product do not have an identical information on specific parameters. F.i. if the listing was manually created prior to connection to Valigara, or was manually edited after post from Valigara. Valigara allows to decide if Revise / Mass Revise process should update the listing completely or only partially. 

The "Take duplicated information from" option defines how Valigara revises the listings:

  • Listing. In this case Valigara submits to the marketplace only selected parameters. Only parameters manually selected by user for revise by removing the "Keep Unchanged" checkbox, are updated with Valigara values. 
  • Product. In this case Valigara re-submits to the marketplace all parameters of the listing. 
    • For the parameters with unchecked "Keep Unchanged" checkbox, values are taken according the current Revise / Mass Revise settings.
    • For the parameters with checked "Keep Unchanged" checkbox, values are taken from the last post/revise action.

* Some marketplaces do not allow partial revise of products.

** Some marketplaces require specific fields to be revised together. (F.i. to revise "Quantity" field on Amazon, also "Fulfilled by" and "Stock" fields have to be revised)


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