Valigara Search Engine

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Searching / Filtering the displayed information in Valigara is straightforward. Use the same steps to search through all the system with:

Quick search

Quick search is unique for each Valigara  page, including the most frequently used fields in the specific page. 

As a standard search method, place any keywords (like Title or the Catalog Code (SKU)) or Valigara ID in the search field, and click the magnifying glass button. To search for multiple products, type multiple keywords, separated ",". 


After a search (filter) is applied, its parameters are displayed below the Action buttons.

Full Search

For additional filtering options, use the Full search. Allows using combinations of fields, which is not possible in Quick search and includes the additional fields created in the system. 

Click the triangle buttonnext to the magnifying glass. Flip the toggle toto enable the Advanced Mode. The advanced mode includes/excludes certain items, using the AND or NOT logic.

  • use thetoggle to search only for items that match the selected value/s in the field/s
  • use thetoggle to exclude items that match the specific value/s in the field/s

In Listings, Products, Clients and Orders pages are available related search parameters and tabs specific to the page:

  • Main tab - fields relevant to the page (f.i. eBay Listing, Orders, Clients parameters)
  • Basic - product related fields (f.i. Type, Class, Model, Quantity)
  • Commercial tab - fields relevant to the sales channels  (On eBay: Yes, Listed as: Main or Variation, Empty title:Yes)
  • Product Basic tab fields related to the product characteristics (f.i. Metal, Stock, Collection) 
  • Product Commercial tab - fields related to product information displayed/used on channels (f.i. Amazon Bullets, eBay Category, Bonanza Shipping Profile)
  • Gemstone tab -  fields related to the specific Gemstones used in products (f.i. Color, Cut, Price, Clarity)

Example: To see only items with round Gemstones with a price between $500 and $1000, excluding yellow Gemstones.

  • go to Inventory and turn the toggle to Advanced
  • go to Gemstone tab > Basic
  • select Round from the Shape drop-down
  • add 500-1000 to the Price fields
  • select yellow for Color and set the toggle to Not

  • Use favorites to save the filters which you use often.  F.i. "Unshipped Orders" , "Items to post" etc. 

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