Import products from eBay

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Valigara allows importing products data from existing eBay listings. 

Import from eBay has two stages:


To fetch listings from eBay:

1. On the Catalog page, in actions menu go to -> Import products

2. In the pop-up set the import settings:

  • Select the eBay store
  • Resize images to 2000 x 2000 px according to system settings
    • If checked, images are resized during the import according to Global Settings -> Image Settings 
    • If unchecked, images are imported in the original size
  • Take images from eBay gallery
    • if checked, takes not only the main  but also all the images in the Media Gallery of the listing 
    • if unchecked, images are not imported
  • Take images from product description 
    • check to fetch all images, present in the listing HTML description including buttons, banners, logos etc.
  • Import mode: 
    • All listings inventory - import all eBay listings 
    • Active listings only - import only the active eBay listings
    • Partial - enter any number of listings to import. Listings will be taken according to their eBay ID, from lowest to highest
    • Specific IDs - select a specific eBay listing ID to import. Select multiple listing IDs separating them by a comma ","

  • Click Yes to trigger the fetching process 


The Import stage defines the destination fields in Valigara for the fetched listing information and the Variations structure. Once Valigara finishes fetching information from eBay listings, the "Listings Import" pop-up appears. 

  • If you don't want to run the import immediately, close the popup, and start the import manually later by going into the relevant "eBay Listings Fetching" batch in the Batches page. 

To start the process, in the Fetch batch page click 

In the "Import specifics mappings" pop-up 

  • Variations (if relevant)
  • Example: A listing has 2 variations: "Material" (showing the available gold colors and purities) and "Ring size" (showing the available ring sizes)
    • In eBay variation "Material" choose the "Select field" -> and in the list of Valigara fields choose
      "Main Metal -> Metal purity and title"
    • In eBay variation "Ring size" choose the "Select field"  -> and in the list of Valigara fields choose "Product: Sizes->Sizes"
  • Import Variations without unique SKU 
    • if checked, variations of the listing which don't have their own SKUs are imported. Valigara will automatically create SKUs for the relevant products
    • if unchecked, variations of the listing which don't have their own SKUs are skipped
  • The import creates: 
    • Separate products, with their own SKUs in Valigara Catalog for product-based variations (e.g. metals: white gold, rose gold, yellow gold, platinum and variations with different purity, main gemstone, etc.)
    • Variation fields with their own SKUs for field-based variations (e.g. sizes, length, box color/type, etc.)

  • Attributes maps how eBay listing attributes are stored in Valigara products

The attributes can be saved to:
  • Existing Valigara field - select from the drop-down
  • New Field - this will create the new field under "eBay Import" set in Additional fields
  • Skip Field - the data of the specific attribute will be ignored
  • Click the Process button. 
  • Click to "Show products" see the created products in the import batch.

  • Each eBay category has its own attributes. You can define the mapping for each category during the Import. If mapping for a category does not exist prior to the import, after import the used mapping is saved.
  • While importing products from eBay, gemstones and models won't be added to products automatically, as this information does not exist on eBay in the structured form. Import creates new models.
  • While importing products from eBay, Valigara skips already existing listings in the system.
  • If the relevant gemstones and models already exist in Valigara, use Copy data to quickly link them to imported products.
  • If an imported listing has no SKUs for each variation, Valigara creates the variations SKUs during the import.
  • To propagate the created SKUs into the eBay listing, revise listings of imported products after updating variations.

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