eBay Business Policies

Modified on Fri, 27 Mar 2020 at 05:37 PM

Create profiles for frequently used payment, shipping and returns, directly on eBay's Business policies dashboard. Once created on eBay, Valigara fetches the business policies (please allow a few minutes delay). 

To access the Shipping Profiles and Business Policies:

  • Shipping Profiles (old) - legacy settings for old eBay accounts
  • Business Policies - contains the existing payment, shipping and return profiles from all eBay accounts. Once a new profile is created on eBay, it will appear in Valigara's list of profiles in Business Policies. Valigara adds the eBay account name at the end of each profile, to easily identify them.

    3 types of eBay Business policies:
    • Payment policies
    • Shipping policies
    • Return policies

Add Business policy

Visit eBay Business policies page to create the payment, return and shipping policy. Valigara fetches the updated list of policies every few minutes. 

* Deleting unused business profiles make a cleaner and easier-to-use list. This can be done in the relevant policies page in Valigara or on eBay Business policies page. 

Edit an existing Business policy

To edit a policy, make the required changes in the Business policies dashboard. Save the changes and Valigara will update the existing profile. 

Use friendly names to identify profiles easily. Add keywords, specific to the profile setup (f.i. PayPal:Immediate pay, 30 Day Returns Accepted, Domestic Free Shipping/International Flat ($10) etc.)

Set default Business policy

Default policies are used automatically on posting, unless different profiles are specified. 

To set a default policy, click the policy name. In the Edit mode, check Is default and Save and Exit

More information about the Business Policies is available on eBay website:

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