eBay post creation

Modified on Wed, 06 May 2020 at 02:37 PM

The Valigara manager allows posting a single product, multiple products or products with variations to linked eBay account.

To post on eBay perform the following steps:

  1. Open Catalog
  2. Select product (for posting with product-based variations select all variation products)
  3. There are two options for posting action:
    • Mass post - allows posting selected in Catalog items in bulk :
      Click eBay.com > Mass Post to eBay
    • Single post  - posts only currently open product. 
      The option is available on the bottom of the product page:
      click eBay.com > Post to eBay.com 
  4. In Shop section 
    • choose eBay account.
  5. In Template section 
  6. In Format section:
    • Select title in Title field - "First available" will take first not used eBay title from the product.
    • Select Price field
    • Select Custom label - usually, it's product SKU.
    • Select SubTitle if relevant (to add Subtitle, on product page use Commercial -> eBay block -> eBay Subtitle) Important: for the option additional eBay fee can be charged. 
    • Select Listing type -
      • Fixed Pricecan be applied Best offer from eBay account settings or selected Custom
      • Auctionselect listings to apply Auction settings: Set for all listings or Customize per listing,
        then select Reserve price, BIN price and Duration. 
      • Variations -click  +Add variation, add Variation name and select variation field (Read more about posting with variations)
    • Select Description Template
    • Select Store Category 1 and Store Category 2
    • Select eBay Category 1 and eBay Category 2
    • Item Specifics - will be taken according to product category mappings in case they were created.
    • Select Item Condition - From mappings,
  7. In Stock section:
    • Select Stock
    • Select Fullfield By
    • Select Quantity will be shown on Amazon.
    • Select Shipping profile
    • Define Dispatch time max.
  8. In the Scheduling section
    • Select posting date by "Start posting"
  9. Click on "Post" button and check the post status in the Batch.

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