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Promotional images provide additional information about the purchase, not related to the product. Typical promotional images are images of gift boxes, flyers with information of special offers, size charts, impression images, appraisals etc. Box images improve buyer's experience and add value to the purchase. 

Box images can differ between sales channels, seasons or occasions. So, a box image for a Christmas gift can have a different appeal from a Valentine's Day box image, or for an engagement ring.

Valigara handles box images separately from the product images, and allows setting up specific images per sales channel. Bulk update allows keeping the most suitable promotional images throughout the year.

To add box images:

  • Use boxes images as product images - if checked, box images are posted together with product images to channels
  • Boxes images start position - Valigara pushes box images in the selected position between the product images. This can be overridden in the Commercial Settings of each specific channel.
    • in case a product has less images than the box start position, box image will appear last, after product images
  • Upload boxes images - select and upload one or more box image files
  • click "Save and Exit" to apply the changes

Box image options

Each image can be assigned to the specific sales channel / account. 

Click "Options" below the box image to expand the list of channels and accounts:

  • Show in channels - check the channels the specific box image will automatically apply to
  • Show on accounts - when using multiple stores (f.i. 2 eBay stores), check the specific accounts to use the box image in

Remove box images

Click Options -> "Delete" button to remove the box image.

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