eBay commercial settings

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The Commercial settings of the eBay account define various settings on how your business operates on eBay

  • go to Channels -> eBay Settings 
  • enter account settings -> Commercial Settings tab

Main Settings 

Shipping Labels Information 

Stock Settings 

Main settings

  • Designer -  Specify the jewelry designer name
    • Applied to items within the eBay account
    • Can be used in eBay Templates
    • If field is left blank in eBay Commercial Settings, the default value is taken from My Account -> Commercial Settings
  • Brand - your brand name
    • The default value is taken from My Account -> Commercial settings
  • Related Stocks:
    • Defines what is the relevant stock for the channel, for all stock operations
    • Select the stock locations from the list and drag to set the priority
    • The stock with higher priority (first in the list) will be used first for stock operations
  • Item Location:
    • From stock - takes the item location from the stock used on posting, according to Stock Locations 
    • As defined- set specific item location for eBay listings: 
      • Country
      • City 
      • Post Code

Shipping labels information

Company name, Company address, Country fields are used when printing Shipping Labels and other order-related paperwork

Stock settings

  • Check eBay auction bids - treats 1st placed bid on an auction as a purchase, while auction is still live and not ended. Stock is updated accordingly and prevents overselling on other sales channels. 
  • Check "out of stock" option before ending GTC listings - defines what happens to GTC listings, which are ended when product stock reaches 0. 
    • The Out-Of-Stock feature has to be enabled on eBay(!)
    • Check to enable Out of Stock Control and keep the listing with an Out of stock message when stock reaches 0
    • Once stock is replenished, listing can be updated and the eBay Item ID remains the same
    • Essential for keeping previous sales history and product reviews tied to a listing
    • eBay will end a listing, if it is in the Out-of-Stock state for 90 consecutive days
  • Auto-refill listing qty - enable to automatically refill quantity displayed on eBay when specific quantity is reached 
    • Once the listing's quantity goes to the Refill On value , Valigara automatically revises the quantity set in Refill Value
      • Refill On - set the quantity value that will trigger the refill action
      • Refill Value - set the refill value to display on eBay after revise
      • Consider the real product qty - when checked, the auto-refill will run only when the actual product qty is above the Refill Value
  • Max post qty - sets the maximum quantity which will be sent to the channel, when item is posted with the "From Product"qty
    • For example, if the product's related qty is 354, and the Max post qty is set to 5, the product will be posted with qty 5.

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