eBay - Advanced guide

Modified on Thu, 03 Jun 2021 at 01:00 PM

Following automation and optimization tools allow you to improve your performance on eBay.

  • Item Specifics 
    • Use all the 20 allowed
    • they get maximum importance on the Best match algorythm
    • they get maximum visibility, as buyers don't tend to view the HTML Item Description section. Especially in cheaper items (fashion jewelry).
    • Add custom Item Specifics to stress the main sales points even more
  • Use posting tolerance to make sure your items go online in the right timing
  • Create multiple eBay titles (Variants)
    • Use for multiple locations, a/b testing or revision
    • Create rotation between titles with scheduled revise operation to keep your listings fresh
    • Use Random Available or First Available 
  • Use scheduled revise as an optimization technique
    • Revise titles, descriptions, prices or any other 
    • Create multiple Generators for A/B testing of your content
    • Use "Repeat action" for placing recurring auctions
  • Use Price Improvements algorithm for more correct psychological pricing
  • Images
    • Include seasonable box / promotional and certificate images in your jewelry
    • Apply watermarks (to all or selected images) for branding and to avoid stealing
    • Shuffle / reorder images to find out the best placement combination
    • Disable irrelevant/non-selling images from the marketplace
  • Set the individual company informationfor the channel 
    • Print packing slips and other documentation for shipping/fulfillment
    • Communicate with buyers independently, according to the channel brand setting
  • Set the post-sale email marketing
    • Send Triggered (automatic) emails, to provide the best-class service
    • Create a chain of 3-5 emails, from the moment of purchase and to the feedback / delivery verification
  • Tools
    • Set the "Auto-refill listing" - Valigara automatically maintains lower quality, to create urgency and for better Best Match performance 
    • Use the "Kill Unsold Items" algorithm to make sure only the relevant items stay online
      • As you improve your eBay performance,  shorten the KUI time to make it more demanding
  • eBay Listings page 
    • Sort listings by Title length to view the missing opportunities (less than 80 chars)
    • Display the Stats API fields (conversion, views, purchases, CTR etc)
    • Sort listings by different listing parameters to identify anomalies (f.i. by price, description template)
    • Use the full search to separate / compare products of the specific group (f.i. earrings, white gold)
    • Lock the most valuable / sensitive listings, to avoid occasional editing
  • eBay Activity logpage
    • Use to analyze your performance
    • See full history of the Listing
    • Analyze all actions with different operation statuses: Success, Warnings, Errors
    • Search listings with specific eBay comments

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