Adjusting images to multiple channels

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Each sales channel has different requirements towards images. F.i. Amazon requires images to have white background, Etsy is better with "artistic" images etc. 

Valigara allows to define the relation between every image and integrated accounts. This way, having 10 images of the product, you will be able to send 4 of them to your eBay account, 6 to Etsy (in different order) and all 10 to Shopify. 

Or if you have 4 accounts on, 3 accounts on and 2 accounts on, you will be able to set different product images for each account.


Product edit page

  • Go to Product edit -> Basic tab -> Media 
  • Open Image Options 
  • Set the relevant marketplace(s) / account(s) for the image by (un)checking the accounts

Bulk edit

To manage images in multiple products 

In Catalog -> Product Images

1. Select the destination channel 

2. Add/remove/drag images to the desired position

To copy the images order from one channel to another (f.i. to

1. Select products

2. Go to System Actions -> Copy image order and visibility

3. Select source channel and destination channel(s)

Upload from Excel

Every channel and account in the system has his unique ID, which is visible in the account settings. In Excel, the " Image Channels Relation "column defines the relevant accounts for each image. By default all images are used in all accounts. In addition, the separate "Main Image" column easily set the main image for each account.

The numbering structure:

1000 - all eBay sites

1100 - eBay.US
1200 - eBay.UK
1300 - eBay.Australia
1400 - eBay.Canada
1500 - eBay.France
1600 - eBay.Germany
1700 - eBay.Singapore

3000 - Etsy
3500 -, 3600 -
4000 - Sears (Large ones, Rakuten Newegg will be here)
5000 - Bonanza (smaller ones, Artfire Dawanda 11main will be here)

5100 - Shopify

6000 - Rapnet (diamonds, IDEX will be here)
7000 - Alibaba (wholesale)
8000 - Social (Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter...)
9000 - Comparison (Zap, Google Shopping)

The combination of the Channel ID and the Account ID allows to define the precise account, f.i.:

1001 - First account on Ebay
10N - N account on Ebay (N always 2 digits)
3001 - First account on Etsy
30N - N account on Etsy (N always 2 digits)


Images ,
Relations: 1000 3000 4001 5001; 1002 3002, 4000, 5000

The first image will be shown in all eBay accounts, all Etsy accounts, first Sears account and first Bonanza account
The 2nd image will be shown in first eBay account, second Etsy account, all Sears accounts and all Bonanza accounts

  • The "Image channels relations" field is available for Products and Models import/export

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