Gemstones inventory parameters and stock logic

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Valigara offers advanced gemstones stock management, logically connecting gemstones inventory, gemstones types, and automatic red level alerts and stock actions. 

  • Gemstones inventory parameters
    • Real / Virtual
    • Quantity / Quantity alert
    • Unique
  • Gemstones stock logic

Gemstones inventory parameters

Real / Virtual 

In the daily operations, jewelers can use gemstones currently present in the company, and those that are not physically present but can be accessed the moment they are needed (in providers' stock, can be produced etc). Differentiating between Real and Virtual gemstones allows tracking the inventory cost. 

  • Real gemstones are present in the physical inventory of the company. Real gemstones are included in the calculation of the gemstone stock. In the Purchasing module, real gemstones are counted in Materials Report.

  • Virtual (not real) gemstones do not exist in reality, but only as part of the eCommerce operation. The physical products with such gemstones will be created only after the online order, or will be shipped to the client directly to the external manufacturer. Changes in virtual gemstones do not affect the Product catalog value. 

Quantity / Quantity alert

  • Quantity - displays current gemstone stock level. When new order of the product arrives in the system, and the product includes the gemstone, the gemstone quantity is updated (similarly to product quantity)

  • Quantity Alert - define a quantity level, at which you will be notified in the system (Dashboard) and over email.


Some real gemstones can be unique (unrepeatable) , such as a certified GIA diamond. Other are not unique, such as a non-precious gemstones, melee diamonds etc. 

If the gemstone is marked as unique and appears in different products and listings, it might be important to remove these and related items from channels and / or from the inventory, when the gemstone is sold out. 

Gemstones stock logic

A separated stock logic can be set for Non-Unique and Unique stones in Stock Settings page:

Valigara can perform additional operationswhen the Gemstone stock logic removes the related products from channels:

  • Mark as Not For Sale
  • Set product QTY to 0

Activate the related check-boxes in order for the relevant operation to occur.

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