eBay variations settings

Modified on Sun, 27 Aug 2023 at 04:45 PM

eBay variations allow combining multiple products in Valigara catalog into one product on eBay listings. 

To manage the eBay variation groups:

  • Go to Channels -> eBay Settings
  • Click Edit next to the relevant account 
  • go to the Variations tab

Add a variation group.

Set up mapping

Variation groups

Different types of products require different combinations of variations. So, for the fashion ring, the right variations would be the ring size and the stone color. For the diamond ring - the ring size, gold color, and the central stone weight, and for the chain - the gold purity and the chain length. 

Variation groups create support for different types of fields combinations. Each variation group defines a unique combination of fields. After defining the variation groups, each product in the catalog is related to a specific group, and the variations on eBay are generated accordingly.

 To set up the variation group, define the following: 

  • Product condition - defines what products will be assigned to the specific variation group. During the Integration process (post-update), eBay listings are created according to the Variation group of the published product, and the generated listing will receive the variation structure as defined in the Variation group it belongs to.

    The most common and the most flexible in setting up Variations Group field. With that, the condition can be the model type, gemstone type, product price, and any other product field.

    It is possible to set more than 1 condition for the specific variation, f.i. the combination: Model type=ring, Gemstone 1 type = Diamond 
    • select condition field
    • select field value
  • Variations 
    • Variation name  - give the title of the variations dropdown field displayed in the eBay listing
    • Field - define the Valigara field/s from which the data will be taken
      • Values
        • All - sends all values contained in the selected Field
        • Specific values - limit and send only specific values
    • Matching field 
      • Define Fields by which values the posted items will be matched
      • Only the items with the same matching field value will be added as the variations of the posted product
    • Only main product - if checked, Valigara selects and posts only main products from the selected products, while the secondary products won't be posted.

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