Product Purchasing fields

Modified on Thu, 04 Jan 2024 at 12:08 AM

Following are the product stock fields used in the Purchasing module. On the Product edit page, go to the "Purchasing tab". 

Product -> Purchasing tab

  • Supplier - choose the supplier of the product from the list
  • Supplier Product Number - add the internal supplier SKU, if it is different from your SKU
  • Revenue Rate - set the desired revenue rate to generate Target Price based on Purchase Cost
  • Purchase Cost - the purchase cost of the product (same as Purchase price / Purchase value / Total cost of materials) 
  • Target Price - the price, automatically calculated based on Purchase Cost and Revenue Rate
    • created when uploading new items through Inventory Receipts
    • Target price = Purchase cost * (1+ Desired Revenue)
    • F.i. Purchase Cost is $100 and Revenue Rate is 0.5 > then Target Price will be $150 (100*(1+0.5))
  • Costs  are used in the inventory summary
    • Purchase Metals Cost - the value of metals in the purchased item
    • Purchase Gemstones Cost - the value of all gemstones in the purchased item
    • Purchase Diamonds Cost  - the value of all gemstones of Type= Diamond in the purchased item 

Product -> Basic -> Stock 

The following product inventory fields define, how Valigara identifies which should be ordered, and what amount should be ordered. 

  • Red Level - defines the product qty, at which the item should be added to the Purchase Order. When the item inventory goes below the Red level, it signals the system it should be ordered, using the "Add all recommended" operation. The red Level can be set for each stock location, individually. 
  • Purchase Quantity - defines in which amount the product should be added to the Purchase Order, when the product reaches quantity below the Red Level. This quantity is used by Valigara when adding the item to a purchase order, with the "Add all recommended" operation.

  • Set the Red Level and Purchase Quantity according to your average sales, and required time to replenish stock. If a manufacturer/supplier takes 3 weeks to deliver the product/s, plan ahead so the product would not become unavailable. 

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