Set Products stock logic

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Updating Set qty on Child products update

Set product stock depends on the stock of Basic (Jewelry) products. It is adjusted according to the Basic (Jewelry) products stock used in the Set.

If the Jewelry product's quantity goes below the level which allows selling the Set product ( because it was sold as part of the Set product or separately, or for any other reason), the quantity of the Set products including the Jewelry product is reduced accordingly. 

For the Jewelry product J and Set products S1, S2, S3

  • when the quantity of goes below 1 (0 or negative)
    • quantity of all S products is set to 0 
    • all S products are marked for end
    • to enable this logic 
      • go to Global settings -> Set products
      • check "Remove SET products from sale if one of it's components goes out of stock" setting 
  • when the quantity of J changes to value above 0 but below current qty of S 
    • all S products qty. is reduced to new value 
    • all S products are marked for revise


Starting quantities: 

S1=5  , S2 = 7 , S3 = 3

1) 4 pieces of J are sold =>
S1=5 , S2 = 6 , S3 = 3

2) another 4 pieces of J are sold =>
S1=2  , S2 = 2 , S3 = 2 

3) another 3 pieces of J are sold =>  

S1=0  , S2 = 0 , S3 = and ended on channels 

Updating Set's child products qty on Set update

To update Set's child product qty on Set update, enable "Update set child product qty" setting in Global settings -> "Set products"

when enabled, as example: set product qty changed from 5 to 3 -> all child products qty. is reduced by 2. 

2 options are available:

  • "on set order stock movement" - on manual order update, and on order stock action approve on qty. reduce for a set product, the qty of all its child products is reduced
  • "on any set qty decrease" - on any qty. reduce of the set product in system, the qty of all its child products is reduced

Note: if "Update stock on channels" option in Stock settings is enabled, once the child product qty is set < 1 , Set products logic will end the Set product

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